AC Golden Brewing Company


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PO Box 4030 Golden, CO 80402-4030
AC Golden Brewing Company, LLC was founded in Golden, Colorado by Pete Coors and Glenn Knippenberg on July 11, 2007. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of MillerCoors. The mission of the company is to "incubate" above-premium malt beverages and develop them into brands that will fit into the MillerCoors portfolio.
Amber Lager
Colorado Native Amber Lager is a brilliant amber lager made with pale and caramel malts from Moravian two-row barley grown in the San Luis Valley. Its malt character has been carefully balanced against select bittering hops,resulting in a full-flavored, yet balanced beer. Lager yeast fermentation gives rise to a slight fruitiness, which complements a citrus aroma character from a late kettle hop addition. The beer delivers a clean taste and dry finish. Native is great solo, but also pairs well with a wide range of foods.
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Colorado Native Plum is brewed with delicious Duarte plums grown in Palisade, Colorado. The plums are a dark shade of mahogany that go perfectly with an amber sour beer made of pale and caramel malts we had resting in Colorado whiskey barrels with our house micro-organisms.The beer has a rich, fruity flavor with some notes of vanilla and oak. It went perfectly with the addition of plums at a rate of one and a half pounds per gallon. The resulting beer is a deep red color, dry and tart, but with a complex richness.
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Colorado Native Olathe. Whether it is fruits, vegetables, grains, or hops, the fertile ground from Fruita to Palisade down to Montrose and from Paonia to Delta produces world-class agriculture.To celebrate the harvest season, we brew this lager as a tip of the hat to those Colorado farmers who work the ground to feed us all. To provide the backbone for this German-style lager, we mashed in Charles two-row winter barley, Moravian two-row barley and world-renowned Olathe corn. We added Crystal and Nugget hops, grown in Olathe, within a mile of the barley and corn. The resulting taste has a rich, malty honey character with clean bitterness.
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Colorado Native Apricot melded in gently used oak barrels for one year with brettanomyces and our house souring organisms. Fresh apricots from Palisade, Colorado were added,and aged for four more months. Its golden base beer allows the local fruit to shine, and a pleasant acidity is met with a dry finish, creating a well-rounded, apricot forward beer. Finally, it is bottle conditioned with more brettanomyces and wine yeast for another layer of complexity.
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Golden Lager
Colorado Native Golden Lager is brewed for those who want a locally brewed, all-Colorado beer, but don't want the overpowering malt and hops of other locally brewed ales and lagers.It delivers more than the mainstream pilsners, yet remains perfectly balanced and drinkable. This Golden Lager delivers the full flavor of a fine import or craft beer, but with a great deal more drinkability.
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India Pale Lager
Colorado Native IPL is a clean-tasting, hoppy beer made with lager yeast (vs. ale yeast). We don't believe the world needs another IPA. We do, however, believe there is room for a beer that is similar to an IPA,but is one that highlights the hop character as only a lager can do. An IPA done better, if you will. To get this clean, crisp character, we brewed an IPA-style beer, using lager yeast. The lager yeast is superior in this case because it doesn't create all of the fruity esters and fusel alcohols that ale yeast creates, so it allows the delicate hop oils to shine through in the beer.
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Colorado Native Pilsner is brewed with 100% Colorado grown and malted barley. Other Colorado breweries buy the majority of their barley malt from out-of-state malt houses. To give Colorado Native Pilsner its clean,crisp, and amazingly drinkable character, we begin with our proprietary Moravian two-row barley. Estate-grown Tettnang, Crystal, and Mt. Hood hops are added to give this Pilsner its subtle floral and spicy aroma and balanced bitterness. After brewing, we chill-lager the beer at 1º Celsius to develop its distinctive taste and crisp, clean finish. We believe you will find Colorado Native Pilsner to be a Colorado inspired, one-of-a-kind interpretation of a classic beer style.
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Imperial Porter
Nothing will satisfy on a winter night more than a Colorado Native Imperial Porter. We brewed this dark beer with specially roasted malts from Colorado Malting Company,Colorado-grown hops from the Western Slope and the oldest strain of brewer's yeast in the state. Our Rocky Mountain water originates from a natural water shed near the Berthoud Summit at 11,300 feet. A portion of this beer was aged in whiskey barrels, courtesy of our friends at Laws Whiskey House. Enjoy the rich chocolate flavors with hints of coffee, vanilla and roasted malt. This velvety, complex imperial porter pairs particularly well with grilled meats, caramelized vegetables and dark beefy stews.
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Looking for a refreshing summer beer? We recommend Colorado Native Saison. Saison is brewed with 100% Colorado ingredients: barley and wheat grown in the San Luis Valley,Colorado-grown hops from the Western Slope, a proprietary blend of funky yeast from Woodland Park, and Rocky Mountain water from a natural watershed beginning near the Berthoud Summit at 11,300 feet. Native Saison is crisp and refreshing with notes of bubble gum, circus peanut and citrus fruits. Native Saison pairs particularly well with strong cheeses, light flavored meats, and fish. Brewed with 100% Colorado ingredients. Santé! À votre santé!
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Colorado Native Peche features Colorado's world-famous Palisade peaches. We combined this amazing fruit with some of the finest barrel-aged sour beer made in Colorado.Colorado Native Peche is brewed with Colorado pale, caramel, and Munich malts. The resulting beer is then relaxed in used neutral wine barrels for nearly a year with our house culture of micro-organisms. The beer is then fermented on fresh Colorado peaches at a rate of two pounds per gallon of beer. The resulting beer is crisp and dry while still gushing with fresh-peach flavor.
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This inaugural batch of Colorado Native Kriek is a blend of burgundy and golden sour ales aged for one year in wine and bourbon barrels. A wonderful orchard on the West Slope grewthe Montmorency sour and Bing sweet cherries that we showcase in this beer. The bottle in your hands contains over 2.5 pounds of the luscious fruit, pit and all, giving our Colorado Native Kriek its exceptional color, aroma and flavor.
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