Broken Plow Brewery


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4731 W 10th St Unit G Greeley, CO 80634-2046
Each of our beer recipes uses only the finest hops, wheat, barley, and other ingredients to combine for a fine tasting brew. The smoothness of each swallow is unsurpassed. The beers you will enjoy are all within the traditional styles of craft beer with the occasional experimental batch thrown in. Experience our quality for yourself. Come in and grab a pint.
Stone Free Apricot Wheat
Light, crisp and refreshing. The fruit remains in the background and not overwhelming. This very popular summer beer became a flagship so it may be enjoyed year 'round.
Tattyboggler Scottish Ale
Sweet, grainy cereal notes with a strong caramel flavor, join hints of chocolate. Light and easy to drink.
Signature Chili Wheat
One of our top sellers. This Chili is different than most you have tasted. Locally grown, roasted chilies are prominent in the aroma and flavor. Not too hot and very drinkable.
Dust Devil IPA
A Hop forward beer featuring the Falconer's Flight mix of 7 different hops. Notes of lemon, grapefruit and caramel sweetness.
Drunken Raven Double IPA
A monster of hops, sweetness and alcohol. Very smooth for a Double. Savor gently and slowly.
Randy'S Pale Ale
This beer features Mosaic hops. Complex flavors combine citrusy, fruity, herbal and tropical notes. A great intro to enjoying hops.
Deja Moo Oatmeal Milk Stout
Flaked Oats and milk sugar combine to create a silky smooth stout with a rich, creamy chocolate flavor and a hint of caramel.
Desert Brown Ale
A malty, earthy and slightly dry brown ale. It starts out with rich chocolate, caramel and dark fruit and finishes with a slight hop bitterness.