Bruz Beers


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1675 W 67th Ave Ste 100 Denver, CO 80221-2595
Co-founded by Charlie Gottenkieny and Ryan Evans, Bruz Beers was born out of their long-standing love for Belgium fine artisanal beers. Located in Denver, Bruz Beers is dedicated to creating authentic, handmade Belgian beers out of only the finest ingredients. With some batches taking years to fully mature, Bruz Beers's passion and dedication is unmistakable. In addition to a desire to create the highest quality Belgium beers, Bruz Beers is dedicated to minimizing their impact on the environment in Colorado and beyond. Utilizing sustainable practices whenever possible, Bruz Beers makes the absolute most out of their water, ingredient, and fuel resources, and avoid the use of non-environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning agents. Open every day of the week, Bruz Beers offers a large selection of year-round, seasonal, and specialty brews at their Belgian-style brewery. Bruz Beers also hosts a variety of events through the week; with trivia nights, half-price featured brews, and free beer the first Monday of every month, there is always something to look forward to. In addition, Bruz Beers offers their own generous food menu, with a selection of various pizzas and snacks. For those who crave a larger array of food options, Bruz Beers hosts a selection of food trucks throughout the week.
Gargoyle Dubbel
Bruz Gargoyle is a Belgian-style Dubbel that sports a dense tan head above a medium brown beer. Its malty, spicy nose has a distinctive Belgian phenolic character that carries intothe flavor profile.
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Blackberry Atlas
Blackberry Atlas combines one of our most popular Quads with a subtle touch of blackberries. Dark, rich and malty with flavors of fruit, caramelized sugar and chocolate,Blackberry Atlas is smooth and very drinkable –despite its hefty alcohol.
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Colorado Blond
Bruz Beers' Colorado Blond is a classic Belgian style Blond Ale – crafted entirely from Colorado ingredients.
Devil'S Night Belgian-Style Stout
Black as midnight with a dense tan head, Devil's Night Stout is a Belgian-style Stout that is rich and roasty.
On All Fours Cherry Tart
This strong Belgian-style ale offers up rich maltiness with caramel, lemon, cherry and raspberry notes. The light citrusy tartness provides a depth of flavor and a uniquecomplexity.
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Dame Blanche Witbier
Dame Blanche (the White Lady) is an authentic Belgian-style Witbier. Made from pilsner and wheat malts, the beer has the signature haziness Witbiers are known for.Dame Blanche also adds a touch of oats for a silky mouthfeel. Fresh orange zest, Seville orange peel, coriander and exotic spices add a citrusy zing to this very soft and drinkable brew.
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Saison Noir
Just in time for the holidays, Bruz Saison Noir is a tapestry of complex aromas, flavors and textures. A total of eight malts provide the rich background for the beer's spices and fruits.Plums, figs, honey, three festive spices and fresh orange zest make this Saison a beer to remember.
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Hellraiser: Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale
Powerful and intense, Hellraiser lives up to its name. Deep golden with a white head, it gets its distinct character from pale ale and specialty malts, Belgian hops, coriander and orange peel.A high-gravity Belgian yeast rounds out its character.
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Strawberry Wit
Strawberry Wit welcomes spring with flavors and aromas of fresh strawberries layered onto a classic Belgian-style white ale. Soft and bready malts, a touch of noble hops,subtle spices and a burst of strawberry fruit make this the perfect beer for the coming of spring.
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Mail Ale
"Honey, I'm going to check the mail." Here in Midtown, the best mail doesn't come from the Post Office. Bruz Mail Ale is a Belgian Brabant-Style Amber Ale that doesn't screw around...period.A hearty blend of six malts provides a grainy complexity-accentuated by earthy, spicy hops and a clean, distinctly Belgian yeast strain. The result is a rich, easy drinking reddish amber ale that will actually make you want to double-check the "mailbox."
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Medusa. Belgian Style Quadrupel
In legend, Medusa had snakes for hair and would turn you to stone if you looked at her. Bruz Medusa is a deep amber Quadrupel Ale with a highly complex flavor profile.
Millstone- Dark Wheat Session IPA
Bruz Beers' Millstone Dark Wheat Session IPA is a hoppy, session-strength beer with an IPA-like hoppiness, malty flavors and soft wheat texture.
Saturnalia is a Belgian-style Specialty Ale that delivers malty aromas and flavors from its five imported malts and brewing sugars.
King Quad- Belgian-Style Quadrupel
The King is deeply rich with a spicy aroma and notes of dark bread, caramel, chocolate plums and dried fruit. Three Belgian yeasts contribute to the huge complexity of this veryspecial brew.
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Summerfield Saison
Summerfield is a Saison, or farmhouse ale, that was originally brewed on farms in the southern part of Belgium for farm workers during the harvest. Its bright golden color and slight haziness come from pilsner malt,toasted malt and a touch of wheat. Goldings hops add a crisp bitterness and an earthy flavor. Summerfield is a drinkable, refreshing and food-friendly beer that you won't have to wait until harvest time for.
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Dawg Daze. Belgian-Style IPA.
What could be better on a warm summer day than a crisp refreshing IPA? Brewed with continental malts and a combination of European and American hops, Dawg Daze is nicely hop-forward with a rich complexity imparted by a bold Belgian yeast.Notes of citrus, apples, and apricots mingle with the spicy and citrusy hops to create truly unique flavor and aroma profiles. It could be man's new best friend.
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Citron: Golden Specialty Ale
Bruz Citron is a Belgian-style Golden Ale that delivers rich malty flavors, a natural spiciness and delicate floral and herbal flavors from its noble hops.
Macbruzer Belgian-Style Scotch Ale
In the Flemish areas of Belgium, Scotland and all things Scottish are very popular. So, not surprisingly, strong Belgian-style Scotch ales have gained a lot of traction.
Sour & Barrel-Aged Beers.
Blond Tart is a golden sour ale that has been aged with wild yeast cultures for more than a year and a half.
Black Static. Belgian-Style Dark Single
Bruz Black Static is a Belgian-style Single (Enkel) that packs a lot of flavor into a session-strength beer. Four malts and dark brewing sugars give it a pleasant roastiness and deep,dark color.
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Oude Valor
Oude Valor is our flagship Valor specialty ale aged for a full year "on the lees." Golden orange with a dense off-white head, Oude Valor's perfumy aroma is dusty,earthy and citrusy.
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beverage with tremendous health benefits. Kombucha is a fermented beverage of black tea and sugar (from various sources including cane sugar, fruit or honey) that's used as a functional food.We carry several varieties of Kombucha on tap at Bruz Beers. It is non-alcoholic and gluten free and can be mixed with any of our beers on tap or enjoyed alone.
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