Caution: Brewing Company


This brewery doesn’t have any food trucks scheduled this month


1057 S Wadsworth Blvd Ste 60 Lakewood, CO 80226-4362
Caution: Brewing Company started with a seemingly innocent tour of New Belgium Brewing Company in my old stomping grounds of Ft. Collins, CO. Their story inspired the original owners, myself and Betty Fey, to start brewing beer after a good number of tasters while on the tour. Not soon after, fortune was on our side and we acquired Odell Brewing Co's original 5 barrel brewhouse (of 5 Barrel Pale Ale fame). Though there were no immediate plans of building a brewery, the idea was always there while looking at the commercial brewhouse sitting on the back patio of my house.
Card Your Mom Saison
We created an amazing farmhouse style saison with the addition of cardamom seeds in the boil. Complete with an aroma filled with everything that embodies a great saison plus the exotic flavors of cardamom.Known as the "mother of all spices", cardamom incorporates lemon, mint, pepper, and floral notes. Perhaps the most complex saison you've ever had, and we won't be offended when you ask to card your mom.
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Hippity Hops Chrysanthemum IPA
Wonderful chrysanthemum aromas support American hops in this well balanced IPA. Hippity Hops CIPA features whole flower chrysanthemum and Chinese rock brown sugar. To top it off,3 separate kinds of hops are introduced during the boil and dry hopped to give Hippity Hops its distinct flavor and aroma.While it's not easy to be leaps and bounds above other IPAs, we think we've done a pretty good job. Just be on the lookout for the hops. They're sure to surprise you!
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Toaster Bat Black :: Winter Dark
Dark, mysterious, smoky, in your face. Yup, that pretty much sums up Toaster Bat Black Smoked Robust Porter. Clocking in at 8.5% ABV, the Bat was created to bring back memories ofcamping trips.Toaster Bat Black has the right amount of smoked and peated malts to balance out the malty smoothness of the porter base style. Pitch black in color and pours with a chocolate colored head, Toaster Bat Black will intrigue your senses and take you to places unexplored. One drink and you'll think you just saw a bat get shot out of a toaster.
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Honey Matrimony Brown Ale
Proudly made with local wildflower honey from Beeyond The Hive in Northern Colorado! By starting with a well balanced American brown ale, our proprietary techniques allows the delicate aroma and flavors of honey to come through perfectly.So raise your glass and give a toast to the perfect marriage of ingredients from the best places on earth.
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Lao Wang Lager
Crisp, clean, yet extremely complex, Lao Wang Lager is created with a blend of secret Asian spices made famous by food from Lao Wang Noodle House in Denver. Golden straw in color,light malt flavor and gentle hop additions perfectly balances the subtle Asian spices. Stop by Lao Wang Noodle House for the most unique beer/food pairing you'll ever experience!
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Big Bunny CDA :: Summer Dark
Brewed with the ancient Chinese/German secret (sort of) process of roasting hops, Big Bunny Cascadian Dark Ale is a natural big brother to our Hippity Hops - how the little brother preceded the big brother is your guess as well as ours.Dry hopped with Palisade and Centennial hops, the Big Bunny has an amazing aroma with a hint of freshly roasted hops. Clocking in at 75 IBU, this big bunny plays big brother to Hippity Hops, but in classic CAUTION fashion, is surprising easy to drink. But beware, Big Bunny is watching
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Wild Blonde Ale
Cute and cuddly, light and bubbly…but what's in a name? A whole lot, in this case! Our Wild Blonde Ale contains 8% organic Minnesota lake grown wild rice that lends a smooth finish and mounds of drinkability to this blonde ale.As light but complex as any blonde, this beer will make you order your first one for the name and then another pint for the taste.Blondes do have more fun, after all, and who doesn't love them wild to boot?
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