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1338 S Valentia St Ste 100 Denver, CO 80247-2167
Located in Denver, Copper Kettle Brewing Company is a passionate, award-winning, mom-and- pop brewery with a wide variety of delicious beer. Founded in 2011 and heartily supported by their local community, Copper Kettle Brewing Company strives to recreate what once seemed to be lost—a local neighborhood bar that knows your name. Open every day of the week, their tap room offers a large selection of year-round beers, including their "Mexican Chocolate Stout" and their popular IPA. Additionally, seasonal and experimental beers are offered, like their French style "Le Chapeau" and their 2019 "Snowed In: Maple." Copper Kettle Brewing Company host regular events for visitors to look forward to, in addition to offering the option to privately rent their special event space, providing a perfect location for parties and celebrations. For hungry visitors, any number of popular local food trucks offering a variety of food choices are always on hand. Priding themselves on their friendly environment, and passionate about their dedication to bringing the local community closer together, Copper Kettle Brewing Company welcomes all guests to come experience their award-winning brews. While other breweries may consider you a customer, here you will be considered a member of the family.
As You Wish Belgian Dubbel
Grand Reserve- Belgian Dubbel aged in barrels with tart cherries. Freshly picked Balaton and Montmorency cherries were aged with our Belgian Dubbel in twice used tequila barrels fromJuly 2017 until the end of January 2018 when it was packaged for your enjoyment
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Milk Stout
A Rich And Luxurious English Style Sweet Stout Brewed With Lactose
Cafe Con Leche Stout
Imperial Milk Stout Aged In Bourbon Barrels With Coffee, Vanilla And Chocolate
Kung Bru Lager - American Light
We sourced Sorachi ace hops, which were developed in Japan in 1984 for Sapporo Breweries, to make an American pilsner. Not a SMASH beer (single malt and single hop)since we used ½ pilsner and ½ 2-row as our grist bill
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Ginger Bee Pale Ale - American
We love bees. Bees love beer. These simple truths inspired us to add orange blossom honey and fresh cut ginger to our pale ale. Ginger Bee is balanced but still quirky,as light and fresh as the sun, and totally original. Its pale ale redefined.
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Java the Brown Brown Ale - Other
Aromas of light sweet malt and chocolate get this coffee brown jump started. Made using Ethiopian coffee from Jackie's Java in Fort Collins and Boxcar Brown, this dark brown beer packs moderate malt,coffee, and espresso flavors with just a hint of caramel
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Belgian Blond
A Golden Belgian Session Ale With Fruity Esters And A Bready, Cracker Finish
Help Me Out Stout (Nitro)
Creamy, Dark Dry Irish Stout With Roasted Notes
Au8 Belgian Tripel
A robust, smoky, light citrus balanced golden ale with Belgian esters. The añejo tequila is present, but not dominating while complex blending of spicy tequila character and Belgianphenolics
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Old Bear Sour - Flanders Oud Bruin
Aged in oak with raspberry. The beer has a dry tart finish with medium body and mild carbonation
Imperial Honey Pilsner
A (Not So Traditional) Pilsner That Goes Above And Beyond Your Normal Sessionable Pilsner. We'Ve Added Bucket Loads Of Local Colorado Honey To Make This Pilsner Subtly Sweet And GiveIt A Full Body.
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Menage A Quatre (2 Different Versions: Original & Raspberry)
A Golden Sour Fermented And Aged With 2 Types Of Yeast And 2 Types Of Bacteria. Together, These 4 Strands Mingle To Produce A Pleasantly Crisp And Decidedly Tart Sour
Basil Cherry Blonde
Refreshing Blond Ale With Subtle Basil And Tart Cherries
Emoticon DHS Sour - Ale
Our brewer's reserve comes back with intriguing depth as our first blended sour ale takes a turn to the dynamic. Our blend of an American Red Ale and a sour Blonde Ale collide on tropical and citrus aromas berthed from Cascade,Horizon, and Zeus hops. This tangerine beauty finishes with a mellow grapefruit and white grape touch, allowing for the best of both tart and hoppy. Try the brew made to challenge brewers and taste buds…
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Strawbenero Wit
Taste Buds Rejoice As This Melody Of Sweet Strawberries And Spicy Habeneros Provide A Chorus For Your Palate
My, Oh My Stout - Oatmeal
It's not hard to love you my beautiful Oatmeal stout. My, oh my I've held you for a little while with great love and care. Thank you for the late nights of dancing and joy over these short 14 months.Forever yours, a lucky Knob Creek barrel
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GPA Booster Pale Ale - American
Klawz Kollab Series #1, brewed by students for UNC's Brewing Laboratory Science program. Welcome to our hoppy, happy, brewing experience with citrus and grapefruit aromatics.Orange and tangerine are balanced by a collection of hops, grapefruit, orange, and tangerine peel. Fruit and citrus aspects add to IPA characteristics which are reflected in the aroma. A slightly hoppy finish accompanies the accent of grapefruit and citrus additives. An initial appeasing aroma stimulates the senses
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Knight Mare Stout - Russian Imperial
A limited amount of our Russion Imperial Stout aged with Nuance Chocolate and madacascar vanilla beans in bourbon barrels for over a year!
Belgian Quadruple: Chapter 3 Belgian Quad
Cabernet Sauvignon barrels brighten notes of cherry and raisin over the backdrop of a robust Belgian dark grain profile to bring forth a lightly tart yet refined finish.Chapter three is truly our rising action of utilizing one of the brewer's secret tools that may be best suited for this beer's possessor: time
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Pipe Smoker Red Ale - Irish
A solid roasty aroma on the nose with a ruby copper color plays nicely with the malty, toffee, and smoky flavor. This full bodied offering finishes with an aggressive hop finish.Sláinte!
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Oatmeal Stout Stout - American
GABF® Silver Medal 2011 Oatmeal Stout Category. A stick to your ribs full bodied stout that's sure to warm you with its toasty finish. Brewed with flaked oats (enough to stick a mash)Giving it a velvety smooth feel, finishing with chocolate notes and a touch of sweetness
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Snowed In: Maple- 2018
Intense Coffee Oatmeal Stout Aged In Breckinridge Bourbon Barrels With Maple Syrup And Chocolate
Greality Pilsner Pilsner - German
From Greeley's very own brewery comes a pale lager that puts the 'wow' in Cowtown, USA. Made with 100% Pilsner malt and Hallertau hops for a thirst quenching Northern German style pilsner.Crisp and dry, with a slightly bitter flavor that pours clean and clear
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Mexican Chocolate Stout
Dynamic Stout With Cinnamon, Local Organic Chcolate, And Chili Peppers. 2011 Gabf Gold Medal Winner
Hopped To Helles & Back
A German Style Golden Lager. We Tried To Switch Up Our Hops With This Batch - The Result? A Happy (Er, Hoppy) Mistake Was Made! Think Of The Helles You'Ve Come To Love With A DeliciousHop Bite Finish
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West Coast IPA - American
Copper in color with a hop finish that is pleasant and spicy, with floral characteristics. Aromatics of tropical fruit and grapefruit are finished by a dry crisp bitterness
Bavarian Helles
German Style Golden Lager With A Clean, Crisp Finish
Boxcar Brown Brown Ale - English
This English brown ale is brewed with malted barley and imported hops. It will transport you to a flavorful destination of chocolate, biscuit and nutty tones with a rounded,malty body to carry you along
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Hey! That's No Way To Say Goodbye Red Ale - Imperial / Double
After a ridiculousness amount of time and love I'm going to burn the bridge! After aging in 2 whiskey and 4 red wine barrels behold our barrel aged Imperial peach habener
Dearfield Ale Blonde Ale
Finely crafted blonde ale that's dear to our hearts. From the field to the glass jumping off the deep end with a strawberry to keep you afloat. Style; Who cares. Hops; yep.Strawberry; it's the real deal and none of that artificial stuff
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Peach Habanero Red Ale - Imperial / Double
One of our latest favorites returns with gusto! Our big caramelly American red ale is aged on fresh roasted habaneros and Palisade peaches to create a dynamic play from sweet malt and peach to a mellow roasted pepper finish,leaving a light chili warmth, adding the final yet subtle dimension to this tasty liquid treat
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