Declaration Brewing Company


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2030 S Cherokee St Denver, CO 80223-3917
Bold, creative and exciting, Declaration has been rated "One of the 15 new hottest beer bars in the U.S." and "Top 10 hottest bars in Denver" by Zagat.
Ripple, Belgian Table Ale
Hardtick – Coffee & Copper Ale
Spicy Stout – Ghost Pepper Stout
Bus Stout!(American Stout)
A smooth beer with hints of toffee, caramel and chocolate, this is a coffee forward stout that thankfully lacks the bitter bite you might be expecting. Look out though,no coffee was used in this beer; it won't be the caffeine that gets you all hopped up on Declaration!
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Veiled Vixen, Strawberry Wheat Ale
Definite strawberry on the nose of this delicate wheat beer. A nice white head with light strawberry flavor up front and a wheat finish. This is no faker either,no extracts were used in making this beer!
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Oggmentor Effect (Bavarian Märzen)
The "Oggmentor Effect" is a Bavarian Märzen style lager with a complex malty-caramel sweetness, toasted notes and complimentary floral hop undertones. This is a rich,smooth bodied beer with a pleasant aftertaste and a slightly dry finish that leaves the palate thirsty for more
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Slippery When Wheat (Barrel Aged Wheat Wine)
Slippery When Wheat Wine is a fun alternative to the heavier, more well-known barleywines. Full bodied yet smooth and crisp, this ale is aged on wheat whiskey barrels to accentuate the robustness of the style.Whiskey and oak flavors dominate this sweet caramel flavored ale. It is dangerously drinkable!
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Spicy Session – Ghost Pepper Session IPA
Impure Penelope Armstrong, IPA
This IPA is slightly bitter forward but does it very cleanly and with ease. The hops come through with piney and lemon flavors from the heavy dosing of various American Hops.A solid IPA that you will see in cans very soon!
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Sour Me Timbers – Barrel Soured
High Class Horchata
Creamy yet crisp, this take on a Mexican lager combines an abundance of ingredients including, rice, lactose, cinnamon and vanilla to create a sweet and refreshing take on a Horchata.Originally brewed in collaboration with Living the Dream Brewing.
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Straight Outta Golden, Belgian Golden Strong
Passionately Confused, Passionfruit Belgian Golden Strong
Purloined Pearl Pale Ale
A simple but elegant American Pale Ale that is crisp and has a very clean finish.
Hardtack Copper Ale
While this beer may be slightly more hop forward than many copper ales, it is designed to showcase the malt character more than anything. Great on the patio in the afternoon or towarm up on a cold night.
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Electric Silk, Oatmeal
In Session (Session India Pale Ale)
A lighter and grassier beer than our other IPAs, this brew features Mosaic hops and displays numerous other tropical notes. Look for pineapple and mango – what flavors can youfind?
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King Nalu Koa'e, Imperial IPA
This ever changing beer exhibits a backbone of citrus, pine and a bit of spice with bursting hops character that is usually very tropical. Always high quality but continually changinga featured hop in every batch gives the drinker the ability to explore the hop world through a single brand.
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Saison a'la Declaration (French Saison)
Lots of white pepper, exotic spices and plenty of fruity esters from the yeast make this saison a pleasure to drink. Cheers!
Sour "Bus" Stout – Barrel Soured (Barrel Soured Stout)
Approachable barrel aged sour with a lot of malt character equalizing the sour. Bold and assertive malts blend well with this barrel soured stout. Dark pit fruit character of cherriesand plums from the souring microbiological strains give the dark chocolate malty overtones a softening quality and approachable personality.
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Coloha – Hawaiin Lager
Mandel Marzen – Almond Marzen Lager
Mile Highlander, Scottish Strong Ale
A perfect beer after a long day of slaying dragons and rescuing maidens, this roasty Scottish Strong Ale has well balanced sweetness and body with an 8.0% ABV. Work hard,play hard!
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5280 Liquid Love Wildberry Saison
This is all fruit on the nose; look for blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate and more! The saison yeast is an amazing platform to present these different berry flavors on while maintaining a strong balance.A little known fact: Our brewhouse is at exactly 5280 feet. Join our Mile High Club!
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