Dueces Wild Brewery


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660 Peterson Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80915-4002
DWB is a veteran owned brewery dedicated to quality beer, friendly people and a comfortable relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your evening with family & friends.
Distance Runner (Kolsch)
A traditional German style beer from Cologne, Germany, this ale is fermented colder for a crisp, clean and refreshing flavor. Lightly hopped to accentuate the pale and Vienna malts.Perfect after a long run or a short walk.
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Ol'#12 (Stout)
An oatmeal stout brewed with zo percent oats, giving this beer a creamy mouth feel and medium body. Slightly sweet with hints of chocolate and a light roasted coffee flavor.
Blood Orange (Pale Ale)
A classic American style pale ale with the added kick of blood oranges: Light bodied and loaded with Mosaic hops with the right balance of malt. Did we mention Blood Orange?
Banana Hammock (Hefeweizen)
A German Style Hefeweizen brewed with 50% wheat malt and 50% barley malt. Fermented warmer than other ales to produce banana aroma and flavor. Light and refreshing.
Vlad's Revenge (Double IPA)
This beer was inspired by our brewer's first commercial IPA. Once described as a "citrusy pine forest dancing on your tongue". Loaded with hops, malt and is extremely well balancedfor your enjoyment.
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Red Tail (Irish Red)
Medium caramel malt sweetness and a toasted malt character define the focus of this Irish style red ale. Light bodied and easy to drink with a hint, of light floral and citrus hopnotes.
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Root Beer (Soda)
Exactly what it says, this delicious beverage is made in house using dark brown sugar, vanilla and a hint of wintergreen for a unique flavor and 4aroma that will bring out the kidin all of us.
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I'll Be (Bock)
This deep amber has a big malt presence with a medium body. Sweet mocha aromas and dark chocolate and black cherry flavors. Finishes slightly dry.
Knuckle Dragger (Scotch Ale)
Traditional Scotch ale, light brown, medium bodied and dominated by dark caramel flavors and mild roasted malt. Dark cherry and caramel nose.
Iron Ass (Amber)
This is an American amber ale brewed with copious amounts of crystal and Munich malts for big, malty flavor and aroma. Notes of toffee, biscuit and nuts.
Par 3 (Porter)
This traditional robust porter is brewed to be a year round favorite. Notes of chocolate and coffee in the nose with dark roasted coffee flavors and a medium body.Definitely an easy drinking beer.
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The Joker (IPA)
"An aggressively hopped IPA for hop lovers yet it still has a malt backbone that won't overwhelm your palette. Hints of Mango and tropical fruits as well as citrus and floralaromas."
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