Endo Brewing Company


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2755 Dagny Way Ste 101 Lafayette, CO 80026-8023
We're a neighborhood brewery and bicycle repair shop. Come enjoy a beer; come get your bike tuned up. Better yet, do both at the same time!
Tandem Belgian Dubbel
Riding a tandem bike is the finest trust exercise your idiot boss ever came up with. Not only do you have to trust your partner to work with you, but you have to trust that they aren't a secret adrenaline addict.In a similar way, we offer the trust exercise of a Belgian dubbel. We've brewed a trustworth Belgian ale with understated bitterness and a slight sweetness added by dark Belgian candi syrup. Your nose will first gain trust with the earthy aroma combined with hints of candied almonds. However, no tandem riding after drinking, please and thank-you.
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Knobby (Nitro) Milk Stout
As dark as your mud-clodded tires, but silky smooth like a fresh pair of shorts. Like your muddy ride, this balanced stout starts out with the bitterness of hops but gives way to the natural,subtle sweetness of chocolate and coffee. Knobby is the kind of stout that will roll up on your taste buds while leaving them wanting to do it again.
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Kingdom Trails New England IPA
Biking in historic New England is a great reminder of when ale-quaffing patriots laid down some freedom. This rebellious region gave rise to a cloudy IPA whose hoppy bitterness is balanced by juicy flavors of grapefruit and enough tropical aroma to get through a Vermont snow day.Keeping to its Northeast roots while welcoming Colorado sunshine, Kingdom Trails uses amarillo as well as dry-hopped citra and mosaic hops to give you a distinct flavor that is perfect in the Rockies or the Appalachians.
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MyBike Maibock Maibock
It's Spring in Colorado, which means you're probably unsure if it's t-shirt season and wondering how your ride can be stopped by both mud and ice. We can't clear up any confusion,but we can offer solidarity with you ice-mud riders by pouring you a MyBike Maibock. This German-style golden lager combines Hallertau and Tradition hops to create a floral, earthy aroma and flavor that adds some spring to your step. The smooth malty finish might even make you want to ride your bike around a Maypole in your Easter dress, but we'll let you make that decision on your own.
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Ticknock Irish Red Ale
Mountain biking Ireland? That might conjure up images of pedaling through rolling green hills sprinkled with scruffy sheep. Drinking an Irish red ale? That might conjure up notions of mass-market grocery store cardboard.Both might be valid preconceptions, but we prefer something different. We've taken inspiration from the rocky, rooty, lushly forested mount bike trail in Ireland: Ticknock. Like it's namesake our Irish red, is technical, but accessible. Ticknock has hints of coffee and dark chocolate in its roasty aroma, loads of malty flavor without coming off sweet, and a light nutty, biscuity finish. Pedal back up and take another run, but mind the sheep.
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Tricycle Belgian Tripel
This man's take on the traditional Belgian that won't kick your ass... or palate. Tricycle offers a ride that features the light fruity and spicy flavors you'd expect from a tripel balanced by the citrusy aroma and flavors of American hops.This merry concoction will please those looking to fill themselves with old European ideas while snagging something new and delicious before it's cool.
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Hop-Cadence IPA
Hugging a coniferous tree and rolling around in the snow on Colorado's sunny, chilly days is one way to experience the joys of a Rocky Mountain winter. If you're a functioning adult,however, you might prefer our Hop-Cadence IPA. The merry medley of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops come together to create a warm, bitter, and lively ale that puts you into a festive mood. This IPA has enough hoppy bitterness and subtle citrus notes to keep you warm on those cold bike rides. Best consumed without snow in your pants, but that's really up to you.
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Our second entry in the SHOP (single hop) series of IPAs features Kohatu hops from New Zealand. This gem of a beer is like that tool you MacGyver trail-side because it defies definition,but it ends up being the most valued member of your shop. It has too much ABV to be a American Pale Ale. It has such a smooth finish it'd be hard to call it an American IPA. The clarity defies any sort of New England IPA designation, but it's super juicy. You won't find any citrus or pine typical of the APA, IPA crowd. Instead, the Kohatu hops offer up loads of tropical fruit and pineapple flavor. So, put down your bubble gum and bailing wire, and ask the bartender for a taste!
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Hardtail Hefeweizen
If you're the type that rides a bike in lederhosen, you may be partial to this beer and probably need some friends. For everyone else, this is a cloudy wheat beer that carries the flavors of lemon peel and tropical fruits.Meanwhile, the Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops entice the nose with an herbal aroma of cloves. The beer that's best enjoyed while joining your friends in a schunkeln.
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Trail Fairies
Did you forget to stay in riding shape this winter? Do you refuse to admit your technical riding skills have gone rusty? Clearly, the Trail Fairies have added new,nefarious complications causing your trail fails. Don't worry, we believe you. Trail Fairies exist! And we're naming our new Farmhouse Saison after them. Trail Fairies has a slight sweetness to compliment the fruity Belgian Farmhouse yeast and tropical fruit pop from the New Zealand Motueka hops. That bit of sweetness is quickly replaced with a bit of spiciness and a nice dry finish. So hoist a pint to the Trail Fairies, and look forward to re-learning how to keep your balance while riding down that trail.
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Post Ride Ultra Kolsch
The pint of gold at the end of long grinder. PRU will quench your thirst with its refreshing fruity aroma and light apricot flavors, but is light and crisp enough to enjoy just about whenever the mood strikes.Give your aching, beerless self the loving that you deserve.
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Dirty Bismark Dunkelweizen
In Boulder County, doing the "Dirty Bismark" is not what you filthy perverts think it is. An all dirt variation of a classic road race, the famed winter biking trail gave us inspiration to create the ideal dunkelweizen for a refreshing post-ride break.It's a dark wheat beer with the enticing roasted scents of Munich malts and hints of clove and dark sugar. Perfect through rain, snow, or frosty sun, it might give you the crazy idea that you want to bike in sub-zero weather. Pull up a comfy chair and enjoy.
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Two-by-Ten IPA
IPA's cool, laid back West Coast cousin. The bitterness of Two-by-Ten's hops gives way to a big fruity flavor and a crisp finish, leaving all your senses satisfied.Change up your gears and enjoy this ale on a sunny day or whenever you need to relax and take it all in.
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