Fiction Beer Company


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7101 E Colfax Ave Denver, Colorado
Call us Fiction Beer Company. Founders Ryan and Christa Kilpatrick are combining their mutual love of craft beer and books to create a neighborhood brewery East Denver Park Hill Neighborhood. Fiction Beer Company offers a variety of craft beers inspired by their favorite works of fiction and will include classic styles, seasonal favorites, and experimental specialties. Fiction Beer Company is an award winning brewery located in the commercial retail space of the Phoenix on the Fax building at the corner of East Colfax Avenue and Pontiac Street. Fiction Beer Company is open and waiting to meet you. To keep up with the latest Fiction Beer Company news, "like" our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@fictionbeer) and Instagram (fictionbeer).
Sour Saison (Saison blended with Golden Sour)
Base saison blended with our golden sour
Madame Psychosis (New England Style IPA)
Loaded with over 5 lbs. of hops per barrel. Featuring Idaho 7, Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic and Citra hops. Brewed with over 30% wheat. Flavors of ripe papaya and mango with pineapple,orange zest, and peach skin. Juicy. Hazy.
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Alternate Present (Schwarzbier)
Schwarzbier is a German dark lager similar to a Stout. Flavors of chocolate with a bit of roasted marshmallows up front, a slight fruity ester note in the middle, then fading to a clean malty finish.Despite the color, it's a sessionable beer. Chalk additions add a lingering mineral flavor that enhances the perception of malt flavor and aroma.
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A Beer of Very Little Brain (California Common)
We took the classic American style wheat beer and played with the recipe just enough to make it our own. We used a lager yeast to ferment the beer. The lager yeast was slowly allowed to rise in temperature from 50F to 65F.(This is what is known as a "steam" beer, or common ale.) The warm lager fermentation creates a unique flavor profile that perfectly compliments this style of beer. Honey malt provides a subtle honey flavor without the addition of actual honey.
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Beta Capsule (DDH Imperial New England IPA)
Dragon Energy (Sour - Gose)
Our waves and ripples with edible glitter!
Nothing Rhymes With (Orange Orange/Papaya Milkshake IPA)
Nothing Rhymes with Orange' Papaya Orange Milkshake IPA is our second milkshake IPA. Loaded with papaya, Mandarin orange, vanilla, lactose, as well as Mandarina Bavaria,Ekuanot and El Dorado hops. Juicy and tropical.
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Malice And Darkness (2017) (Stout - Russian Imperial)
Agents of the night watch are commissioned to help keep the balance between the creatures of balance and darkness as well as those knights of light and good.The constantly battling power struggle on both sides of the varied spectrum has resounding consequences in our reality. Malice and Darkness is not a description of our intent when we created this complex beer, nor your mood resulting in its consumption. Instead allow its comparably full body, deceiving alcohol content, roast, and chocolate flavor to inspire you to help sustain balance as an agent of the Night Watch.
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The Falconer (Dry Hopped Saison)
Waves And Ripples (Sour - Gose)
What may seem like an ordinary pond to outsiders is actually a magical ocean. Once contained in a simple metal bucket, it glows. Waves and ripples are noticeable upon the surface.Perhaps the Goslar river wasn't actually just a river after all … perhaps Lettie Hempstock would know? Gose is a traditional lightly soured and salted wheat beer from the Goslar region of Germany. Our Gose was kettle soured for till we hit a 3.3 pH reading. We added sea salt, coriander, cardamom and makrut lime to the boil and then fermented it with our Brettanomyces blend.
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Making A Tape (Rosé Sour)
Cherry and blackberry fruit additions created a beautiful coral colored beer. Aromas of rose petal and red berry jam. Flavors of tart raspberry, cherry jam and rosé wine.
Free Range Unicorns (Sour - Ale)
Rose Sour Ale with Glitter