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9150 Commerce Center Cir Ste 300 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129-1563
We are Science balanced with Creativity. Grist means .. Malt grains that have been cleaned and cracked.. take it a few steps further for GREAT craft beer!
Niobrara Milk Stout (Cask)
Colorado resides over a large portion of the Niobrara formation. The Niobrara is important for a couple reasons, the chalk, which stout water requires, and the black liquid energy,which stouts resemble.
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Munich Dunkel
What happens when two grown men love The Lego Movie? Whelp, they name a beer after it. Introducing the 'Kraggel'. This beer is a traditional Munich Dunkel that gets its name from grain bill,rather than the region. The Kraggel is malty and bready with the slightest bit of roast to finish. If you loved the Skiing in Jeans, you'll definitely enjoy this sessionable beer.
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Abbey Normal - Belgian Dubbel
A great summertime Belgian brew that won't leave you on your face after a couple. Once again, we used candi sugar made in-house and a slightly warmer fermentation temperature than our 3rd Ring.This yielded a brew that has rich malt notes and a slightly more pronounced Belgian yeast flavor and aroma with a very drinkable body and ABV.
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Window Tour Hefeweizen
Rob fell in love with Weiss beers while in Germany a couple years ago. However, it was a business trip, so much of the experience of Germany was through the passenger window of the car at 200 km/hr on the autobahn.With 70% of the grist being wheat, this beer will have a wheaty flavor and the noble hops used in the brewing process are almost undetectable.
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Skiing in Jeans
Skiing in Jeans is our collaboration with No Label Brewing Company in Katy, TX. Let's face it TX has a rivalry with every state and us Coloradans can always spot a Texan on the slopes because,well, they are usually skiing in jeans.
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Staple English India Pale Ale
Every brewery nowadays must have an IPA of sorts. Just like peanut butter and jelly in the pantry, an IPA is a staple. This IPA is true to the style guidelines for an English Style IPA.This is not a bitter bomb, hopagedon type IPA. This beer has a healthy dose of several varieties of hops. However, we do it in a balanced fashion so the grist bill comes through just as well as the hops.
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Frictionless Lager (gluten reduced)
A clean and refreshing craft lager brewed in a way that reduces the gluten content to almost zero.
Our grist bill consisted of Red Wheat, 2-row, Munich, Special W, Flaked Wheat and Biscuit Malt. The rich color comes from the Munich and Special W, while the hearty wheat/bread flavor comes from the wheat and biscuit malt.Our beer is exclusively hopped with German hops, Perle for the bittering and Hallertau for the aroma. A minimal hop addition at the end showcases the malt. To complement the rich grist bill we fermented this beer with our Hefeweizen yeast. Travel the corridor and taste all 8 beers.
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Huell Melon Pale Ale
This is a simple brew to highlight the hops, Huell Melon. We also used locally grown malt from Root Shoot Malting Company. The hop notes of melon and citrus flavors are prominent.The bready malt notes are subdued and come through in the finish.
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Tartanium Berliner Weisse
Our Berliner Weisse has a little more alcohol than a traditional Berliner. However, we thought you'd like it better that way. The tartness of this kettle soured Berliner comes through and is complimented by its effervescence.In the tap room you can have it in its original, unadulterated greatness or feel free to add one of the many fruit syrups available as is traditionally done.
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