Halfpenny Brewing Company


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5150 E Arapahoe Rd Ste D1-B Centennial, CO 80122-4825
Two best friends from high school with a shared passion and love for beer began homebrewing together in 1996. Their beers quickly became a runaway favorite of friends and neighbors, for their unique, high quality brews. Their following grew, and Halfpenny Brewing Company was founded in 2016, in their hometown of Centennial, Colorado. Halfpenny Brewing Company serves their English and German beers to customers every day of the week. They offer a wide variety of flagship choices such as their full bodied "Homer's Oatsy Oatmeal Stout" year-round, with a selection of seasonal brews rotated throughout the year. They serve hot Bavarian pretzels and other snacks to visitors with an appetite; food trucks are also available throughout the week. Halfpenny also allows customers to bring in outside food from one of the nearby neighborhood restaurants. Priding themselves in their family-friendly environment, people of all ages are welcome, with choices of water and a variety of sodas available. Furry family members are also allowed to accompany customers in the Backyard Biergarten, with water dishes available in case the pups get thirsty, too! Events are hosted regularly, and the brewery is also available to rent for private parties.
C2B2 Brandy Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy
Brandy barrels are the perfect complement to the full bodied, 8.8% ABV Wee Heavy! The barrels add flavors of oak and vanilla and kick up the dried fruit yet another notch.It's a winter warmer on steroids!
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Melanie's Helles
A very approachable, traditional Münchener Helles with Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Tettnang hops to provide just enough bitterness to show off the malts.
Homer's Oatesy Oatmeal Stout
Full-bodied mouthfeel and a moderate residual sweetness are the counterpoints to dark, roasty malts with lots of dark chocolate. Also available on Nitro!
Deflation NE IPA
This is a juice bomb! Fresh squeezed Orange juice on the nose blends into flavors of grapefruit, pineapple, and pine, with a little heft and slickness from the oatmeal and plenty ofhaze.
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Centennial Colorado Common
Biscuit and toast flavors from the malt combine with Northwest Chinook and Cascade hops to create a well-balanced beer. Dry hopped with Centennial hops for aroma and a little extraflavor.
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Moon Shadow Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
Our Moon Shadow celebrates the near-total eclipse here in Denver...and like its namesake, it is dark and slightly mysterious! Aged for 6 months in Four Roses Bourbon barrels,it brings a deep, luscious mouthfeel and dark maltiness to balance the vanilla, oak and bourbon from the barrels.
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Mosaic WP
This white/wheat pale ale is liberally dry-hopped with Mosiac hops, and is the perfect balance of wheat malt, hop bitterness and Mosaic hop flavor. It's a perfect beer for a summer day,after mowing the lawn or sitting in the Backyard Biergarten
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Delta One Bravo IPA
Ahtanum, Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook hops bring stone fruit, citrus and pine flavors and aromas to a solid malt backbone.
Beach Ball Berliner Weisse
Just in time for spring and summer, our Berliner Weisse is light, tart, and refreshing! Enjoy this straight or in the traditional Berliner style "mit schuss" with a shot of raspberryor woodruff syrup.
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Pingin Irish Red
Fruity esters from the Irish Ale yeast combine with lots of caramel and biscuit flavors from the malt and a little residual sweetness for an eminently drinkable Red.Also available on Nitro!
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Good Lovin' Dunkelweizen
Malty with flavors of caramel and molasses, banana and clove...almost like banana bread in a glass, but lighter and more carbonated!
Realization Vienna Lager
A beer for beer lovers…it's a semi-dry crisp lager with plenty of light maltiness that blends into well-balanced German noble hops.
White Dragon White Stout
Another one of our Craftbench favorites gets promoted to the rotation! This beer will really challenge your perceptions--it looks like a pale ale, but tastes like a stout. Vanilla,coffee and chocolate all play their part in making this a deliciously confounding beer!
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Halbpfennig Hefeweizen
It's back! Just like the seasons, our Halbpfennig Hefeweizen has returned! Deliciously refreshing with aromas of banana and clove from our real Bavarian yeast,it's perfect for those warm weather days in the Biergarten! Served with or without a slice of lemon.
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Clementine American Wheat
A clean, crisp, and refreshing American Wheat beer sporting citrus notes from Ahtanum, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, and finished with clementine juice in the secondary.