Kokopelli Beer Company


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8931 Harlan St Westminster, CO 80031-2931
Offering fine, hand-crafted ales, artisan pizzas, great appetizers and much more.
Rojo Diablo Cinco Pimiento
We have taken our base of Rojo Diablo (The Rojo Diablo is a medium bodied American Amber with a rich ruby color and a mild caramel taste. The Saaz hops provide a slightly spicy finish.)and added 5 chilis for some heat (Habanero, jalapeno, serrano, pasilla and baby sweet peppers).
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Red Twister
We took all the beautiful characteristics of an amber ale and added the delicious fruitiness of Mosaic hops for a perfectly balanced Red IPA. Perfectly approachable for those new todipping their toes in the IPA pool.
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El Camino
The perfect "after yard work" beer. We even added the lime for you! Crisp and clear with a very strong aroma of lime. Easy drinking light blonde beer just waiting for summer toarrive.
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Our 2014 GABF ProAm Competition Silver Medal winning Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with AHA member Daniel Christensen. With a rich cereal base, this hop forward pale ale highlightsbright notes of lemon and pine.
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8x8 Elk Nut Brown
Complexity is the name of the game in this deep mahogany brown ale. Sweetness is followed by layers of deep roast and subtle smokiness as this light bodied beer dances across yourpalate.
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Blarney Stone
A medium bodied ale with caramel malt character, mild hop bitterness, and a hint of roasted grain. Moderate carbonation gives it a smooth, slightly sweet finish.
Angel Rye'PA
Brewed in collaboration with Barley's Angels. Spicy rye compliments the lemony, resinous hop characteristics of this beautiful red hued ale.
Seven Day Sour
Sour beers are famous for long aging periods, wild microbes, and flavors that are more complex and intense than any other family of beer. Commonly referred to as Lambics,these beers were once only brewed in a specific region of Belgium and have recently made a migration to breweries of America. Imploring ancient techniques, Seven Day Sour is brewed with a first and second 'slims' process, and a malt bill built with over 30% raw wheat and 30% chit malt to dramatically drive up starches and proteins which our quirky wild microbes love to feed on. We sour this recipe with an advanced and progressive method utilizing a hot fermentation in the kettle with Lactobacillus, followed by a cool fermentation on brettanomyces; making this beer anything but simple. Seven Day Sour is a young and unblended gueuze showcasing a refreshing acidity and complex bretta notes.
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Colonel Maize
Smooth and refreshing American Ale with a hint of malt and a sweet corn-like aroma.
A deliciously creamy head tops off fruity, tangy sweetness reminiscent of bubblegum. Guaranteed to quench your thirst on a warm spring day.
Night Thunder
This Black IPA is dark and mysterious with roasted malty, coffee toned finishes but a well-balanced bittering finish. Four different varieties of hops provide the nice finishing hoparoma.
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Rojo Diablo
The Rojo Diablo is a medium bodied American Amber with a rich ruby color and a mild caramel taste. The Saaz hops provide a slightly spicy finish.
Red Moon
Deep copper in color, this velvety ale is filled with notes of caramel and toffee. Earthy hops finish off with just the right amount of bitterness.
Sassy Saison
Belgian style ale with a caramel flavor and a hint of alcohol.
Hop Slugger
We're swinging for the fences with this brilliantly spicy, resinous American IPA. High bitterness carries forth on a supporting backbone of mild malt character.
Vanilla Moon
The Madagascar Vanilla bean enhances the chocolate aroma in this Milk Stout and provides an ever so semi sweet finish to the palate.
Bodacious Blonde
Simple. Classic. Delicious. Mild sweetness and a silky finish make our American Blonde a delight for all palates.
Black Crimson Kiss
The distinctive taste of the Milk Stout sneaks up like a kiss with its black walnut and cherries, which also provide a pleasant but sweet aroma.
Li'l Deuce Coupe
A beautiful pale gold in color, this ale greets you with a sweet aroma laced with a hint of licorice. The lightness of body makes for an easy drinker with a subtle lemony hopfinish.
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Twin Slugger
An intensely hoppy, very strong pale ale. Grapefruit citrus notes on your nose, and a delicious resinous finish. Just be warned...this one packs a punch!
Spiced Apple Pie
Spiced Apple Pie is a robust cider at first taste, while maintaining delicate tannin's on the front pallet. The Nose is encoded with hints of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Oranges.Finishing with a creamy smoothness, this cider is sure to make anyone feel warm inside.
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Pineapple Cider
A delicate cider with well rounded mouth­feel across the palate. Pronounced ripe Pineapples on the nose with hints of vanilla and butterscotch that linger with the finish
Darth Coconut (Nitro)
What does Darth Vader drink on vay-cay? Coconut beer, of course, and this one makes him feel like turning to the light side of The Force. A smooth milk stout paired with coconut and toasted macaroons for a sweet,full tasty nitro stout for the little Darth in all of us.
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Cow Tipper
A deep dark color with a nice balance between roasted and patent malts that provide the malty full bodied finish with an ever so slight hint of chocolate.The mouth feel is an experience of smooth silky texture followed by a mild pleasing bitterness.
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Weizen Up
This homage to our head brewer's Bavarian roots has tradition written all over it. Hallmarked with banana sweetness, this brew finds its balance within the effervescence of itscarbonation.
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OTOGOB (Nitro)
Our Irish Dry Stout is a light-bodied ale, with bitterness coming from both the roasted malts as well as the generous hop addition. Mild carbonation gives it a creamy head,and smooth drink-ability.
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The Milk Stout for those with a sweet tooth. Raspberries and chocolate provide a nice finish right out of the 'Box of Chocolates'.
Pale Face
Tropical in aroma, this light golden ale is filled with flavors beyond what the color suggests. Tangerine sweetness plays on the full body, then finishing out with a slightly spicyfinish.
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The Scotsman
Brewed to tradition, this Strong Scotch Ale is robust with a mild bitterness to balance the mouth feel. Munich and Crystal malts provide the malty, slightly sweet taste.