Launch Pad Brewery


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884 S Buckley Rd Aurora, CO 80017-3174
Launch Pad is a nano brewery producing unique hand crafted ales with the highest quality ingredients.
Patriot Pale Ale
Both a Surface to Air missile and an Anti-Ballistic Missile, this child of the 70's pays homage to freedom seeking men of the 1770's. Answering the call for air defense for the US Army and armies around the world…..This We'll Drink
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Red Dwarf: Session Amber
Session Amber Ale with a clean hop finish.
Bikini Atoll: Pina Colada Saison
Strong golden ale with a big presence of pineapple, coconut and rum.
Max Q Bourbon Barrel Aged: Belgian Quad
A Belgian Quad with Montmorency Cherries added, then aged in a Laws Bourbons Whiskey Barrel.
Peacekeeper Porter 2017 Gabf Silver Medal Winner
In 1986 the Peacekeeper, LGM-118A, entered service. The missile came equipped with 10 MIRVs (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle), each carrying a nuclear warhead.This fantastic weapon once almost got its very own train set (Rail Garrison), but in 2005 after just 19 years the Peacekeeper got retirement. Don't worry though, you do not need to be retired to enjoy this calming drink in these M.A.D. times.
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Cape Canaveral: Key Lime Pie Saison
That Key Lime Pie taste just like momma used to made...if your mother was from Florida.
Just Read The Instructions: Hefeweizen
German Hefeweizen with notes of pear, vanilla and clove. Drink your very own sunny day in a glass.
Piggyback Rides: New England IPA
A New England style (Hazy) Indian Pale Ale with 4 different hop varieties culminating in a soft pleasant finish.
Max Q Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged: Belgian Quad
A Belgian Quad with Montmorency Cherries added, then aged in a Laws Rye Whiskey Barrel.
Shoulders Of Giants: Imperial IPA
Seven different hops shine in this bold, dry-hopped Imperial IPA. "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" -Sir Issac Newton
New Horizons: IPA
An Indian Pale Ale with white roasted coffee, cacao nibs and tropical fruit notes.
Sagan's Golden Record: Sour Ale Bottle Only
A Golden Wild ale that has been aged in Red Wine barrels for 8 months. Just in Bottles.
Kosmonaut Kolsch
Crisp and clean German style ale with light fruity notes.
The Tart Side: Sour Ale
Kettle soured American wheat with key limes, graham crackers and vanilla beans.
Lucky Stars: Farmhouse Ale
A Farmhouse saison with tart cranberry and a hint of fresh sage.