Left Hand Brewing Company


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1265 Boston Ave Longmont, Colorado
Colorado brewers of America's original Nitro bottle! Employee owned. Righteously independent. 21+
Black Jack Porter Porter - English
Holding the cards to bring you down, Black Jack porter delves deeply beneath the surface to embrace your ace. Espresso and dark chocolate flavors envelop your senses,with herbaceous hop flavors pulling you from the light. You never know what treasures may be lurking in the darkness. Will you play the game?
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Peach Beerllini Radler Shandy / Radler
Light, bubbly and refreshing. An effervescent concoction of pale malts and peach nectar
Polestar Pilsner Pilsner
Light, crisp and elegant, pilsner is the true test of brewing prowess. Less is more. Once you have tasted a true pilsner, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward,for there you have seen the light, and there you will always long to return. Let Polestar guide you out of the wilderness, just as the North star has guided explorers to their destinations and back home again.
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#80 Angry Unicorn Alt Altbier
#84 Intergalactic Pale Ale Pale Ale - American
Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic then dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy
Sawtooth Nitro Extra Special / Strong Bitter
Super smooth nutty malt flavors balanced by herbal hops. Don't call it a comeback, this beer's been here for years. We mixed Nitrogen into our award-winning Sawtooth Ale,makting American Style ESB even smoother and more more sessionable. When poured hard, this amber beer cascades down your glass breaking into a thick and creamy head that distributes goodness evenly across your palate. Nutty malt flavors rap melodiously with herbal, earthy hops to deliver the perfect balance of palate graffiti.
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Barrel Aged Auriferous Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Milk Stout Nitro (Nitro) Stout - Milk / Sweet
POUR HARD! Dark & delicious, America's milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be. Pouring hard out of the bottle, Milk Stout Nitro cascades beautifully,building a tight, thick head like hard whipped cream. The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. The pillowy head coats your upper lip and its creaminess entices your palate. Initial roasty, mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish. The rest is pure bless of milk chocolate fullness. Famous for their Nitro series, Left Hand Brewing was the first craft brewery to release a bottled nitrogenated beer. For the best experience, pour hard at 180 degrees into a 16oz glass. Different gas, different pour. Cheers! #PourHard
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Wake Up Dead Nitro Stout - Russian Imperial
Super smooth trifecta of cocoa, dried fruit, & licorice flavors.
Travelin' Light Kölsch
Golden, Crisp, Dry and refreshing with herbal hops
#85 Planetary Pale Ale Pale Ale - American
Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic then dry hopped with Citra and Experimental 06297
#82.5 06297 IPA IPA - American
IPA made with 06297 experimental hops
Good Juju Spiced / Herbed Beer
A light ale brewed with organic ginger to create a spicy aroma and unique flavor.
Saison Aux Baies Ameres Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Dry and crisp farmhouse-style ale. Mild tartness with bitter Colorado chokecherries.
Saison Au Miel Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Dry & crisp farmhouse-style ale. Mild tartness softened by Colorado wildflower honey.
Extrovert IPA IPA - American
Meet Extrovert IPA - Left Hand Brewing's new American IPA, bringing together a blend of tropical, fruit-forward hops with a malty backbone, finishing with a pleasant lingeringbitterness.
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Wake Up Dead Stout - Russian Imperial
Good Morning. You've woken up dead. You're in ruins. But don't be discouraged. Here's a black ale to brighten your day. Wake Up Dead lurks in our cellars for over 4 months before being unleashed.Hints of raisins, black licorice, coffee and dark chocolate are followed by earthy, herbal hop notes. Any apprehensions about the rest of your day are quickly forgotten, for whatever the mind expects, it finds. Sometimes you're not in the mood for what everyone else is having.
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Death Before Disco
Roasted malts create a full-bodied classic with rich chocolate malt and dark berry notes.
Juicy Goodness
Hoppy and light with a tingly mouthfeel and fruity hop characteristics—perfect for the hophead and hop-averse.
Fade To Black, Vol. 1 Stout - Foreign / Export
Volume 1 - Foreign Stout - Pours black with licorice, espresso bean, molasses, and black cardamom notes that give way to a feeling of self loathing, burnt opportunities and smoked relationships.2010 Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival in the Foreign Stout category
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Milk Stout Stout - Milk / Sweet
Milk sugar in your stout is like cream in your coffee. Dark and delicious, America's great milk stout will change your perception about what a stout can be.Preconceived notions are the blinders on the road to enlightenment. Udderly delightful.
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Death Before Disco Nitro Porter - American
Super smooth with rich chocolate malt and dark berry notes
Blackcurrant Nitro Cream Ale
Cream Ale with Blackcurrants added. Super smooth with a light body, tart berries, and vibrant color
Sawtooth Ale Amber Ale
Sessionable. Unpretentious. Left Hand's original flagship. Proof that a beer can be both complex and balanced. Malty chewiness slowly transitioning over to herbal, earthy hops with a dry finish.Brewed to be enjoyed with friends and to stimulate serendipity.
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