Little Machine


This brewery doesn’t have any food trucks scheduled this month


2924 W 20th Ave Denver, CO 80211-4622
Little Machine Beer touts themselves as "the raddest brewery in Denver," and for good reason. After being founded in 2015 it did not take long for their growing community fan base to happily agree. They won multiple awards for their delicious beer and IPAs, and continue to work hard to craft more community favorites. You can walk into Little Machine Beer any day of the week to sit down, relax, and enjoy their wide selection of beer—and notably, all of their offerings are proudly 100% vegan. There are many choices, depending on your mood, including their award winning "Razz Against the Machine" raspberry beer, and their "Sir Veza" Mexican-style lager. Little Machine encourages hungry visitors to bring in whatever they would like to eat from the rotating selection of food trucks they host throughout the week, with more an even wider variety being added all the time. Also hosted are plenty of events for the community, such as bingo, guided Spanish language meetups, and trivia nights. If you wish to visit with a large group or are celebrating a special occasion, you also have the opportunity to reserve spaces in the tasting room, to ensure all of your guests are adequately accommodated.
Degrees Of FreedomDunkelweiss
German-style wheat ale highlights pleasant aromas of banana, clove and wheat. Soft, spicy, dry.
B.b. Rodriguez Coffee Double Brown
Flavors of caramel, walnut, toast, and of course coffee!
Yafi® IPA
Big. Beautiful. American.
SuperchargerDouble IPA
Full bodied, Double IPA. Citrus nose with a hint of pine. Pronounced hop bitterness and a bright malt base.
Razz Against The Machine®Tart Raspberry Ale
Tart, fruit-forward start and a crisp finish, with just enough zing in between.
Phase Shifter 1.1 IPA
Colorado-grown Cascade dry-hop in the fermenter, then dry-hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo post filtration.
Racerback English Pale
Light honey-like malt and mellow citrusy floral hop aroma. Crisp and clean.
WidgetDry Stout (Nitro)
Flavors of dark chocolate from roasted barley and a cream body with a wonderfully dry finish.
The Gaffer London-style Porter
Deep brown with ruby highlights. Flavors of dark chocolate and roast with a gentle caramel undercurrent.
Sir Veza Mexican-style Lager
Light pale, with just a hint of corn sweetness and a crisp finish. Classic, easy-drinking lager.
Cyberflora Hibiscus Gose
Classic salted German-style wheat ale balances tart hibiscus flowers with soft wheat and Himalayan sea salt.
Munich Thunder Dunkel Lager
Crisp and toasty malt, with a medium-full body, and a dry finish.
Spirit Of The GameSaison
Fruity esters and spicy phenolics from a free-rise fermentation are complimented by rye the mash and tangerine zest in the boil.