Maxline Brewing



2724 McClelland Dr Ste 190 Fort Collins, CO 80525-2575
Maxline Brewing, in Fort Collins, Colorado, has been a joy to the local community since they opened in 2012. While the brewery is on the newer side, the owners, Cathy and Kevin, have been brewing and loving beer since the 1980s, and are proud to say their beers have been refined and improved since then. With a dedicated team--including their "Brewtenders" and their "Little Angel" Max, who also happens to be the adorable brewery puppy—everyone is dedicated to the business, and in return, the business is just as dedicated to the community. Dedicated to the betterment of the Cr/Co/Cu (Craft beer, Community, and Culture), the brewery focuses on giving back both money and time to local causes and needs, while actively working to include their beloved visitors as a part of their team. The taproom is open seven days a week, with a selection of beers, food trucks, music, and events to enjoy as your tastes incline you to. With 11 beers to choose from, ranging from their "Arroz con Leche" to their "Blueberry Lime Sour," the options here will quench the thirst of any visitor. The space is not only available for enjoying time with your friends, but is also available for private events.