Nighthawk Brewery


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2780 Industrial Ln Broomfield, CO 80020-1620
Peer Pressure IPA BATCH #2
Our hazy, east coast inspired Session IPA. This beer is an easy drinker with a soft and light body and complimentary, but not overwhelming hop presence. We play with a new combination of hops on each batch,so drink up while it's here! BATCH #2 Galaxy
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3 Toed Cream Ale
Cream Ale is a cool fermented ale that is similar to American Lagers. Very easy drinking, light body, and enjoyable for everyone! The style was born by American brewers trying tocompete with German-influenced pilsners before Prohibition.
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Grapefruit IPA
Delightful citrus on a refreshing base – this crisp IPA is consistently the most popular beer in the taproom. Not an overwhelmingly hoppy IPA, it is extremely approachable.
Gruntled IPA
Deep orange hued IPA with big notes of peaches and orange in the flavor, and flowery citrus blossoms and zest in the nose. Lighter bodied but not thin, this IPA is well balanced forits ABV.
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Quokka Selfie APA
Quokka is back, and it's bigger, cuter and more adorable than ever! Brewed with Munich and pale malt plus loads of late addition Nugget, Galaxy, Amarillo and Mosaic. Medium bodied,ruby hue with tons of tropical fruit notes. Hint: Quokka rhymes with Mocha
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Aggressive Llama Strong Ale
A sweet and malty ale with hints of citrus and pine. Medium body and full of flavor. Made with a healthy dose of dark crystal malts and Chinook hops.
A very traditional German Wheat beer with a hazy appearance and a hint of clove.
Imperial India Pale Ale
Light golden IIPA made with Nugget, Mosaic and El Dorado hops. More sweet tropical fruit than your standard citrus/pine. Lighter bodied but full of flavor.Check our Facebook page and our app for details on voting for a name. Winners will receive a special prize package!
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Randy's Candy Berliner Weisse
Served with a splash of fruit syrup, this Wheat Beer has a bit of a tart kick, making it a very lively and enjoyable beer. Ask about the Randy!
Black Strap Tropical Stout
Tropical Stout is an old English style of stout that was made in Colonies of the UK in warmer climates. It does not have the coffee or bitter notes of a typical stout but displays big notes of rum,dark fruit and burnt sugar. Like black strap rum, this beer is full of molasses
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