Rally King Brewing


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1624 S Lemay Ave Unit 4 Fort Collins, CO 80525-1188
Rally King is a small Northern Colorado Brewery specializing in delicious beer and good times with family and friends.
"Kismet" Double IPA
A hop forward imperial IPA with a strong malt base that balances the hop profile. Kismet has citrus, floral and grassy notes.
"A Girl Named Joe" Coffee Blonde Ale
A malt forward American blonde ale infused with fresh coffee beans. This beer is sweet yet balanced and hits you immediately with an intense & rich coffee bean aroma.
"King Of Tarts" Barrel Aged Sour Belgian Dubbel Solera
Aged and soured 18 months, this complex blend offers aromatic cherry, woody, and wine notes at the nose and a full bodied oak & tart cherry treat for the palate.Sour lovers rejoice!
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"Citra-Licious" Grapefriuit IPA
Cit-ra-licious is a heavily hopped but not overly bitter India pale ale infused with freshly zested pink grapefruit. This beer has a balanced body and an aroma of "absolutegrapefruit"!
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"Shelly" Barrel Aged Sour Blonde
Our Blonde Ale soured and barrel aged in an oak red wine barrel for 9 months. This full bodied sour is balanced yet complex with prominent oak and wine notes and an intense sourfinish
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Strawberry Rhubarb Kettle Sour Rye Saison
Our kettle sour rye saison with strawberry rhubarb puree. Fragrant, refreshing and tart! Back on tap May 2018
Mango Kettle Sour Rye Saison
Our kettle sour rye saison with mango puree. Tropical, fruity and tart!
"Shark Attack" Blood Orange IPA
RK's flag ship beer "Surfer Girl" infused with blood orange. This beer offers wonderful citrus and hop aromas and a huge burst of juicy blood
"Aunt Belma" Rye IPA
This classic rye ipa has a floral nose with piney and citrus notes finishing bitter, hoppy, and dry.
"Spring Creek" American Wheat W/Orange Zest
A crisp and refreshing American wheat with lightly sweet & bready notes. Infused with orange zest, bright citrus brings this wheat alive and makes it delightfully refreshing
"Cam-The Ram" Fresh Hop Pale Ale
The fine folks at Colorado State University – Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Dept., were kind enough to donate these hops that were grown and harvested at the CSU HORT Greenhouse!These Cashmere hops (daughter variety of Cascade) were used in the latest batch Cam The Ram, batch #2, giving this one of a kind smooth […]
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"Surfer Girl" American IPA
A heavily hopped but not overly bitter India pale ale. This beer has a balanced body and bountiful hoppy aroma. A 2014 Taste of Fort Collins home brew award winner & RKB's flagshipbeer.
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"Keith & Willy" Chipotle Stout
We've take our Oatmeal Stout and infused it with dried chipotle peppers from Old Town Spice Shop in Downtown Fort Collins. This beer is full bodied, "roasty" and finishes with smokyheat.
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"Mud Skipper" Imperial Stout
A full bodied, roasty & malty Imperial Stout. This stout is velvety smooth on the palate with mild hop bitterness and mild bittersweet chocolate and coffee notes.
"Royal Rassy" Raspberry Brown Ale
We added over 100 lbs of raspberry puree to our brown ale! When you lift the glass to your nose, you will definitely notice the fresh & fruity raspberry fragrance
"Spectrum" Golden Ale
An American ale that is light, sweet and fresh in flavor with hoppy floral notes due to the use of 100% Mosaic hops. An easy drinking
"Prospector'S Porridge" Oatmeal Stout
A medium to full bodied brew that is smooth, roasty and slightly sweet. Oats add to the smoothness and the malt used offers chocolate and coffee notes.
"Peach Of Cake" Peach Vanilla Kettle Sour Saison
We've added fresh peach puree and vanilla bean to our kettle sour rye Saison. This refreshing sour, is fruity, dry and tart with a delicate vanilla sweetness on the finish.
"Bloody Good" Kettle Sour Rye Saison W/Blood Orange
A refreshing kettle sour with a bold citrus nose that finishes tart, dry and juicy!