Red Leg Brewing Company


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4630 Forge Rd Ste B Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3556
Red Leg Brewing Company was established to provide the highest quality craft beer to honor the Men and Women who currently and formerly served in The United States Military.
Devil Dog Stout
Devil Dog is a motivational nickname for a U.S. Marine. It is said by US Marines to be based on the use of "Teufel Hunde" by German soldiers to describe Marines fighting in World WarI.
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Prospector's Pick Kolsch
Inspired by the Colorado Gold Rush of 1858, Seven Falls Prospector's Pick excites the senses with a golden cascade of crip, cool, and refreshing Kolsch-inspired flavors.
Helo Hefe Hefeweizen
A pale, hazy, light bodied, refreshing German-style wheat beer with a distinctive banana and clove yeast character and dry finish.
Ivy 100 Howizter Amber Anniversary Ale Amber
This isn't a new brew, it's just our beloved Howitzer amber ale, taking on a new design to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Fort Carson-based 4th Infantry Division,nicknamed the Ivy Division for their use of the roman numeral IV. Through the 10th of December, we will be canning and selling Howitzer as Ivy 100.
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Blue Nose Brown Ale
This brown beauty got its name from the Naval tradition called The Order of the Blue Nose. The Blue Nose heralds those cold-bodied Sailors who have proven themselves worthy of thecold arctic winds and ice as they cross into the Arctic Circle while on ship.
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Twin Tail India Pale Ale,
A twin tail is a specific type of vertical stabilizer found on some aircraft. These were used in a wide variety of World War II multi-engine designs that saw mass production,especially on the American B-25 Mitchell bombers.
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