Seedstock Brewery


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3610 W Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80204-1513
Seedstock Brewing Company makes old-world, family beer recipes that have stood the test of time. It's great tasting beer, for people who like to drink it.
Working Class Rye
A very old beer style, rye is a good cold-weather crop and rye beer was especially popular with the working class of Northern Germany and Europe. We make our rye beer using more than 50% rye in the grain bill.It has a spicy rye aroma with notes of cloves. Has a moderately creamy mouthfeel and the taste reminds us of pumpernickel bread. Finishes dry and spicy. Pairs well with an honest day's work.
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Bohemian Ale
New copper in color with a slightly tart and citrus aroma. Czech Kazbek hops provides an earthy spiciness combined with a slight citrus flavor. Has a moderate hop bitterness at the finish.Pairs well with conversation.
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Seedstock Amber
This is our version of a German Kellerbier, known as a beer for locals. It is light copper in color with a rich, malty-sweet aroma. The initial flavor has a hint of sweetness,but it finishes dry with very slight bitterness. The perle hops does an excellent job of balancing this deliciously malty beer. Pairs well with neighborhood friends.
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Smoked Rum Raisin Kolsch
This is a collaboration beer with Diebolt Brewing. It has a sweet smokiness combined with subtle rum spice and faint raisin sweetness. Pairs well with collaboration!
A Northern German beer style popular 300 years ago. Light yellow in color, a generous amount of wheat delivers nice mouthfeel balanced by slight tartness and a crisp finish.French hops provide a pleasant backbone for this refreshing beer.
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Czech Pilsner
Straw-yellow in color, with thick white head. Complex and distinct pilsner aroma. Balanced bitterness with a clean, dry finish. Pairs well with 'hello'.
Premium Czech Lager
Pale amber in color. Bready maltiness with strong but clean bitterness. Subtle sweetness and dry finish make this beer balanced and refreshing. Pairs well with a big hug.
No Coast IPA
This is our 'No Coast' style IPA. Mosaic hop provides generous aroma of tangerine and grapefruit. Medium body, tropical citrus hop notes with moderate bitterness to create a sessionable beer.Pairs well with a comfortable chair.
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Vanilla Espresso Stout
Mocha espresso aroma, with a full and creamy mouthfeel. Subtle hint of sweet vanilla and finishes with roasty espresso. Pairs well with dessert.
Vienna Lager
Reddish-brown in color with a rich malt aroma. Soft sweet malts in the forefront, with just enough hop to create a dry crisp finish. This clean lager pairs well with disc golf.