Smiling Toad Brewery


This brewery doesn’t have any food trucks scheduled this month


2028 Sheldon Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Smiling Toad Brewery serves a variety of brews to enjoy in Colorado Springs, while also serving up smiles. With a range of fare available paired with their excellent ambiance, Smiling Toad is a small, cozy brewery that's focused on the customers and beer above all else—Smiling Toad Brewery really brings the process and taste right to you. Run by husband and wife team Patti and Biff, along with a dedicated team behind them, Smiling Toad offers tours, with a detailed look at how they make the delicious beers they offer. With many customers saying it feels like a family, Smiling Toad not only is part of the community, it is a community in and of itself as well. Open seven days a week and usually filled with returning and curious new customers, the beers change weekly, so you'll always have a wide variety to choose from. Brewed in small batches, you can not only enjoy the taste, but also the knowledge that you are enjoying something special that only few will be able to experience. Smiling Toad Brewery also provides their fans with the ability to take home a growler or two of their favorite brew to enjoy without even needing to leave the house.