Storybook Brewing


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3121 N El Paso St Ste A Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5469
Everyone has a story. Ours begins over 17 years ago with a home brewing passion. Storybook offers hand crafted beer with clean consistency. Open Nov 2014
Java Dragon Porter
Inspired by Polly the stuffed parrot in London, Java Dragon Porter is Pete's absolute favorite Beer he has ever produced. Pete is a bit biased towards the dark side.Dark roasted flavors and slight chocolate malts dominate the flavor while a hint of smooth cold brewed coffee rounds out the taste. East Kent Golding Hops lend a refined flavor to the finish of the beer.
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Little Red's Rocking Ale
Designed over many brew sessions to be very easy to drink, Little Red's Rocking Ale is balanced and smooth. Focusing on malts, there is a slight toasty and caramel flavor profile followed by a very mild and woody hop finish.This is an American Red ale while as the name suggests the beer is amber with red hues.
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Alternate Awareness Abby
A Belgian Style dubbel rich in its malt profile yet balanced and clean. The nose presents the caramel malts. Burnt Belgian candy sugars along with esters and phenols from the Belgian yeast arrive at first sip but disappears soon to leave only a slight bitterness.This Medium bodied beer is aged at 40 degrees to calm some of the Belgian yeast flavors and present a more balanced beer. This beer is Brewed as a representation of the monistic beers of Belgium.
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Angel Feather Brown
Medium bodied European Brown Ale with nutty, earthy flavors and a clean finish. The story begins with roasted brown, caramel malts and ends with a European hop profile.Not designed to be a session ale, but a brew to complement Pete's favorite donuts, Boston Cream.
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Kilhaven Oatmeal Stout
Dark with a bitter finish. The nose presents coffee and dark chocolate. A small sip, swished around the mouth delivers a sour tang to the middle of the tongue,dominated by bitter chocolate at the back of the tongue, and all retreating bitter fading out slowly, reminding you it's time take another sip. Larger sips allow the bitter chocolate to dominate for slightly longer than smaller sips.
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The Hop Kong Phooey
Pungent aroma of citrus, floral spice, and grapefruit. Decidedly grapefruit and bitter palate with a very light body. Dry finish because of the good attenuation. Hopped with seven different hops.Gold in color as it is brewed with mostly pale malts. This is our most hopped up beer at Storybook to date
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Gnomish Beer Goggles
The entire world looks better when you see through Gnomish Beer Goggles. Amber colored American pale ale with good head and lacing. Starts with a smooth caramel backbone, earthy and woody,and finishes with nice American hop flavors. Two different American hops packed in, almost push it to the IPA level.
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Fur Lisa Kolsch
Smooth and crisp with a very clean Vienna lager profile. Slight but pleasant fruity follow through and low hop profile finish with an added touch of wheat.
The Last Straw-Berry Honey Wheat
We use natural, unfiltered honey from here in Colorado Springs (Schmidt apiaries) along with natural whole Strawberries. This all-natural brew weighs in at 7.1% ABV because of the extra sugar the honey adds.Blended with our Bavarian style Hefeweizen, this wheat / mead hybrid has a balanced yet complex profile.
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