Very Nice Brewing Co


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20 Lakeview Drive Unit 112 Nederland, CO 80466
"I'd rather have a life of 'Oh wells' than a life of 'What ifs'." ~unknown
Steffie's Heffe
A refreshing Hefeweizen slightly bittered with Galena hop for a light citrus kick and the traditional floral and citrus tones of Hallertau Mittelfruh. The Bavarian yeast gives this light ale some pleasant clove and banana notes which we accent with late addition orange peel and coriander.Our Bavarian friend Steffie, the beer's namesake, has vetted this beer and she has ensured us that, "Es ist sehr net"
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Very Nice Pale Ale
Easy drinking ale. Not intensely hop forward, but dry hopped enough with Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops to make it interesting. The boil includes a "Very Nice" bittering with Galena and Cascade hops and then balanced with late addition of Mosaic hop.Well balanced, designed to be no more, or no less, than "Very Nice"
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The Logical Fallacy
This beer challenges the Logical Fallacy that says if a beer is a stout, it shouldn't be bittered. We brew it with generous hop additions of Summit and Northern Brewer.This hop bill is challenged with the smokiness of black patent malt, coffee tones of chocolate malt, and a decadent mixture of caramel malts. This is a unique stout that will make you look deep into this beer, and lose yourself in its complicated malty taste and intense oil like blackness.
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Fuggly & Brown
Mono-hopped and named after the earthy and mildly citrus hop, Fuggles. A malty beer with low hop aroma and bitterness, brewed in the tradition of an English brown. Some slight fruity esters.Traditionally, brown sugar would be used, but we stuck with our locally sourced honey instead, lightening up the body and contributing some slightly floral notes.
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Royal We IPA
Huge hop forward character delivered with a double dry hop of Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic. This provides a beautiful grapefruit and orange essence characteristic of the American IPA.The body is kept light with only a small amount of crystal malt to allow the hop bouquet and flavor to shine through. Early additions of Cascade and Galena hops balance out the hop forward with an appropriate bitter background.
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Monk's Phunk
(Belgian Abbey Ale): Strong ale named after a strong woman! Our brewer's dear mother! This recipe is crafted as a tribute to the tradition the Monk's started in Belgium over a thousand years ago.It includes lots of Munich, various crystal malt, and a shot of chocolate malt, giving it a deep burgundy color and a heavenly rich caramel taste that literally would bring people to cathedrals in Europe. It has enlightening fruity esters from the Belgian yeast as well as divine sweetness from a gallon (12 lbs) of wild Colorado honey per barrel.
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