Welcome Home Brewery


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19523 Hess Road #103 Parker, Colorado
Welcome Home Brewery, Parker's newest and southern-most brewery and tap-room is NOW OPEN! We welcome you into our cozy tap room for quality craft beer and hope you will stay a while, relax and visit with us. We are excited to be a part of the Parker community. Welcome Home!
Cozy Cabin Brown Brown Ale
An English style brown ale, this beer is very malt-forward. Amber and brown malts provide notes of caramel and toffee, while carafa malt adds a dark cocoa character.
By Hop-ular Demand IPA
Bitter, hoppy and strong, this one is for the hop lovers! Centennial and cascade dry hops give this IPA a bit of grapefruity flavor, but the late addition sorachi ace hops dominate,with a unique herbal character some describe as dill or basil like. At 80+ IBU, this beer finishes dry and bitter on the palate.
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Session-weizen Hefeweizen
Brewed with 70% German pale wheat malt and 30% German pilsner malt, the soft wheat flavor lets the yeast character really shine through. Light bodied and easy drinking,with subtle spicy and fruity flavors consistent with the style. At just 4%ABV, this session strength beer invites you to have another!
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Trubucha Kombucha
Rotating Flavors
Fall Spiced Cranberry Wheat
This time of year, it seems like everybody has a pumpkin beer... but what about the other flavors of fall? This beer pays tribute to another fall favorite - homemade cranberry sauce.Brewed with cranberry puree and all-spice, this wheat beer is unique, and we guarantee you won't find another beer quite like it anywhere else!
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At the Ceilidh Stout
A Ceilidh - pronounced "Kay-lee" - is a traditional Irish social gathering. We hope that Welcome Home will be your favorite place to gather! Rich dark malt dominates the nose,with subtle hints of cocoa and coffee. Roasty and dry on the palate, finishing with just a hint of coffee-like flavor.
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Caramel Corn Cream Ale Cream Ale
A light, easy-drinking cream ale, with just a touch of sweetness from the use of corn adjuncts and caramel malts. Cascade hops balance the sweetness with a touch of citrus character.Delicious!
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Serendipitous Red Red Ale
Serendipitous: occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way When the brewery's flow-meter breaks mid brew, sometimes you just gotta "wing it" and see what happens.This time, we got lucky. It's not quite our Irish Red (coming again soon...) but it still turned out great! Deep reddish brown in color, this beer has a subtle tartness on the nose and palate that balances with a cherry-like sweetness and subtle caramel finish.
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