Wonderland Brewing Co.


This brewery doesn’t have any food trucks scheduled this month


5450 W 120th Ave Broomfield, CO 80020-5913
Wonderland Brewing Company is a small batch brewery in Broomfield, Colorado. We focus on serving quality, hand-crafted beers and having fun! Our Wonder Grill kitchen is NOW OPEN!!
Rye India Pale Ale
This approachable brew offers bountiful crystal maltiness, nuances of soft, supple grapefruit and touches of roasted blonde coffee beans. With lingering bitterness and a hint of almond,this brew is sure to leave a lasting impression
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American Pale Ale – Gluten Reduced
Modern Azacca and Citra hops take center stage in this new-school take on a classic wheat ale. Hoppy with pine and orange notes, and soft layers to carry the oils over your palette.While being hoppy, this beer isn't extraordinarily bitter and will leave you wanting more
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Belgian Blonde
Our spicy Belgian Blonde is a wit-esque, summer wheat that is spiced with coriander and orange peel. It has a subtle, earthy character. This is our head brewer's daily drinker
American Pale Ale
3 Putt is a German inspired American Pale Ale that's hopped with Tettnang and Crystal hops. You'll notice a nice dryness on the palate with a soft hop bitterness that isn't overpowering,as well as a traditional spiciness
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Belgian Doppel Weizen
Although strong, The Cat's Pajamas has sweet bready tones and a lingering malty character. Spicy clove with hints of banana on the nose and a huge portion of wheat creates a softnesson the palate that will leave you grinning
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English Pale Ale
Lemon peel, toasted black pepper, american chinook hops
American Sour Ale
This is an American Sour Ale with blackberries, tart purple fruit, acid and tastie yeastie beasties!
Probably Probable Porter
Royal We, smooth, black, sweet chocolate, roasty coffee. Limey.
American Specialty Wheat Ale
This fruity, tangy, zingy brew is bursting with flavor and refreshing beyond belief. Created with fresh oranges and lemons, this sensitive brew is sure to be a favorite 24/7refreshment.
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Winter Barleywine 2017
Bourbon barrel aged for one year in Mad Rabbit Distillary Colorado whiskey barrels. This delicious brew has huge notes of caramel and vanilla, and sweet soothing malty character
Broomfield's Finest Milk Stout
Robust coffee, smooth caramel sweetness and cocoa complexity
The Wild Duck
Huell Melon, citrus leaf, hop burst, honeydew, pear, crisp, smooth