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A Note from Truckster Co-Founders: 2021 Summer Scavenger Hunt

Hello from the Truckster World Headquarters (aka our home office covered in paperwork, coffee mugs, and whiteboards with illegible scribbles)!

We are thrilled to announce our First Annual Summer Scavenger Hunt! Time to get out your treasure maps (ahem, Truckster apps) and channel your inner-Nicolas Cage.

The hunt will last May through September, with participants earning badges towards monthly prizes, swag, and entry for this season’s grand prize. It felt like a great way to help our users expand their horizons, while gaining more exposure for some of our favorite trucks.

Truckster Logo Hat
Truckster Swag

How to Participate

We’re starting out our first challenge this year in Austin and Denver, where we have our highest concentration of app users, and expanding to more locations in 2022. Each city has 5 featured trucks per month for consumers to track down (think local breweries, neighborhoods, festivals, …). When consumers place an order on Truckster with one of the 5 highlighted trucks, they earn a scavenger hunt badge. Earning all 5 badges wins that month’s challenge. We will send out Truckster swag and other goodies to our monthly winners, and each month’s winners will be entered to win additional prizes. And, we’re going big here, consumers who hit all five trucks May through September will be eligible to win our season’s grand prize! Stay tuned for hints as to what that will be (trust us, you want it).

Starting July 1st, earn your July badges by ordering from:
Austin Trucks
Bluebonnet Brews
El Xolo Tacos
Hands Off My Funnel Cakes
Hungry J’s
The Evil Wiener

Denver Trucks
Rocky Mountain Slices
Dem Boys
Laziz Ya Lebanese
5280 Burger Bar
Arepas Caribbean Food

Starting August 1st, earn your August badges by ordering from:
Austin Trucks
Hands Off My Funnel Cakes
Hungry J’s
Just Like Mama’s Soul Food
Pepe’s Tacos
Tacoly Moly

Denver Trucks
Farm to Truck
Mu Denver
Seb’s Pizzas
Waffle Cakes

Why We’re Doing It

After a year where everything has felt so serious and heavy, we sought out to create some lighthearted fun for our community. Watching friends forced to shutter their businesses, being separated from loved ones, and social injustice and violence plaguing our country, we have leaned into our community of small business owners and fun-loving foodies as a refuge. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank our fellow Truckster’s and reward them with a bit of fun, leading us to gamifying Truckster and creating the scavenger hunt. Let’s support our local entrepreneurs and make a game out of it.

Thanks for listening. We hope you participate with us!

Connor & Molly
Truckster Co-Founders

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