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How many food trucks should we book for our wedding?


The number of guests attending, the amount of time for food service, the style of service, the cuisines you choose, your catering budget and the atmosphere you want to create all have an impact on how many trucks you should hire. If you have a large guest list, consider hiring an additional food truck to ensure no one is waiting for too long to eat. Read on for some other points to consider.

hors d'oeuvre

Service Considerations

Multiple trucks will provide food choices and dietary options for everyone!
If you want everyone served at the same time, multiple trucks will be able to serve simultaneously to a large party. If your wedding isn’t a seated dinner and people can order and eat at will, then one truck can handle more guests.

Buffet service can be prepared in advance and one truck will be able to feed a larger group of people faster.

For a seated dinner, one or multiple trucks could be an option, however not all trucks offer this service style.


What type of food are you looking for? Certain cuisines are faster to serve than others. A burger that is grilled to order will take longer than a pulled pork sandwich that was smoked earlier that day.

High end hors d'oeuvre


Each food truck will have its own rental costs in addition to food service. You will have to pay a premium for each truck, however this is similar to other catering services when you want additional options. Multiple food trucks may cost a little more, but are still likely to be more affordable than a formal catering option (Plus way more fun + memorable!)

Catered Meal First Course

Truckster tip : Consider booking a truck for each course! We suggest tapas for an appetizer truck, burgers or pizza for a main course and of course a sweets truck for dessert!

Don’t worry about tracking down trucks that complement each other or negotiating several proposals. Truckster makes it all easy! Fill out our catering inquiry form to get started!

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