What Goes into Food Truck Pricing?

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The Cost of Hiring A Food Truck

Food truck pricing can be complicated since it depends on a ton of factors like location, time of year, day of week, number of people, menu selections, cuisine types, and more. Try out our catering cost tool to get an estimate for your unique event, contact us with specific questions, or keep reading to learn more.

Are There Minimums?

Every truck we work with is different, but there are a few things that ring true for everyone. A truck will have a minimum amount they need to sell in order to reserve that date for you. The minimum is generally lower if you are looking to have the food dropped off, rather than having the food truck onsite to cater the event. If you do want the truck to attend, then the minimums required will depend on the day of the week, the time of year, the food you want to serve, length of service, and how in demand the truck is. Outside of minimums, the trucks typically start their quote with a cost per person based on the food items you select.

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Does The Type of Truck Make a Difference in Price?

The other factors you will need to consider are the type of truck, for example a food cart might be less than a full size truck, and a dessert truck or coffee truck will have a different price per person than a savory truck. If the truck will need to travel an hour or more for the event, they will typically apply a travel fee. Custom menus, specific dietary restrictions, and other special requests could also impact the truck’s proposal.

Keep in mind that the quotes sent by food trucks are the cost of the food and labor for that event. Unless the truck says otherwise, it does not include sales tax and gratuity. Just like restaurants and other catering services, please consider adding gratuity for a job well done.

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What If Attendees Pay For Their Own Food?

If the event attendees are paying for their own food, you should still consider providing a guaranteed minimum. A minimum is a level of sales you can guarantee the truck based off of how many people will be eating. If the truck does not meet the minimum, then the event organizer pays the difference. Consider this your potential cost for hiring the truck to prep the food, staff the event, drive to you, and reserve this date. Just like any business, they need to make sure they can afford to bring their services to you. This is why minimums are so important.

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Truckster's Catering Cost Calculator

Try out our catering cost calculator for an estimate on how much to budget for your next event.

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Ready to reach out to trucks and receive their quotes? Submit your catering request to get started.

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