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Schedule food trucks at your neighborhood, apartment or office

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Let us manage a rotating variety of food trucks that come to your neighborhood, apartment complex, office building, or business park. We bring the trucks, you spread the word.
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Food Trucks are a FREE way to build community, provide resident benefits, or create a fun work environment.
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Let’s be honest, we can’t eat from the same spots all the time and we could all use a little break from cooking!
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Food trucks are what you make them. With Truckster ordering they can be a fast lunch takeout option or an outdoor oasis to relax and get outdoors.
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Interested in benefitting from our free services to help you manage a rotating schedule of food trucks?
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Is my property right for food trucks?

For a food truck to be profitable and want to come back, you should expect at least 75 eaters per truck. If your site can produce regular business closer to 150 eaters or more, hosting multiple trucks and maybe a dessert truck could be an option too. See what that means for your location type.
Typically we recommend neighborhoods to have at least 400 homes in order to schedule a regular food truck night. Hosting the truck at a central location, park, playground, or pool tends to work best, so people have room to hang out and enjoy. Consider adding music, bouncy castles, or games to quickly turn the gathering into a party. If you’re interested in special events like a movie night, pool party, or back to school party, we do that too! Fill out a catering request for your event and we’ll do the leg work for you.
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Why use Truckster’s service to manage my food truck schedule?

Let us take work off your plate. FOR FREE. We can be your go to resource that makes your life easier and doesn’t cost you a dime.
Zero Hassle
Zero Hassle
We take care of the upfront logistics for you, and send reminders and follow up to make sure the trucks have the info they need. We also build a website for you to help spread the word and put together flyers and other marketing materials to make your life easy.
We work with a wide variety of local trucks spanning different cuisine options. We can accommodate special dietary requests or specific truck or cuisine requests. Or we can pick it all for you and deliver a diverse, crowd-pleasing lineup.
You want to make sure you’re working with professional trucks, serving up great quality. By using Truckster, you will know the trucks are reliable and delicious.
Backup Plan
Backup Plan
Ever had a truck break down and cancel? **it happens. With our extensive network of trucks, we work tirelessly to find you a great fill in for last minute emergencies.
Truckster Ordering
Truckster Ordering
Ordering: Our trucks offer Truckster ordering. Pre-order earlier in the week or during the event and receive a text when your order is ready. Plus we offer ordering incentives to save on future orders. No lines, no waiting. Yes please!
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Looking for catering?
Help me book a food truck for my event

But COVID? Is now an okay time to host trucks?

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Food trucks are uniquely positioned to serve their communities at this time. While many restaurants have been restricted to limited occupancy or takeout and delivery only, food trucks are still safely operating. Already being an outdoor, takeout option, many are considering trucks as a safe alternative.
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Our trucks are asked to wear their masks and are taking the health and safety of you and their staff seriously. As a takeout option, your food is less likely to be passing through multiple sets of hands than at a a restaurant or with delivery.
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With Truckster ordering, the trucks are offering contactless payment options. Consumers receive a text when their food is ready, so they don’t need to form lines or congregate by the trucks while waiting on their order.
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