Learn how to drive your food truck business to success.

How to Start a Food Truck

The #1 food truck e-handbook and the only resource specifically for food truck owners, written by food truck owners. Backed by 10 years of proprietary industry data, expert insights, and practical tools, this online guide is your roadmap to thriving in the competitive food truck market.

Step-by-step guide
Average Sales and Profit Ranges
10 user-friendly operations templates
Real world advice & tips from truck owners

Make Your Food Truck Dream a Reality

Our comprehensive online guide, backed by a decade of industry data and insights from real food truck owners, equips you with the knowledge to start and run a profitable food truck business and gives you access to downloadable tools to get you started.

About 60% of restaurants fail in their first year of operation. The food truck game is just as hard. Follow these detailed steps to help prepare yourself for success.

The Ultimate Guide for Food Truck Success

Step-by-step walk-through of how to start a food truck business and detailed checklist to follow.
How to create a business plan & why you need one.
Best practices & how to overcome common obstacles.
Downloadable templates for business plans, budgeting, shift checklists, & more.
Real insights and statistics from food truck owners and consumers.
Menu pricing guide & recipes for success.
The top requested cuisines for private catering & large festivals.
Tips and tricks for marketing and how to grow your revenue and fan base.
Overview of regulations and insurance & permit requirements, and how to navigate them.
Why food trucks fail, and how many have become successful.

Our comprehensive online guide and handbook includes

Practial tools
Tips & tricks to master the food truck business
10 real-world operations templates
Industry insider insights & advice

This is more than just a 101 course

This is an in-depth look into all aspects of being a food truck owner and the many hats you will wear as an entrepreneur. Here’s a preview of our table of contents:

1. Food Truck Market Overview

2. Navigating Legal and Regulations

3. Buying your Truck, Equipment, and Tools

4. Your Brand and Concept

5. Developing your Menu

6. Marketing and Sales

7. Operations Best Practices

8. Truckster’s Startup Guide Tools and Templates

What Our Customers Say

Truckster’s service was invaluable as I was starting my food truck. I had no idea where to start, but they gave me a step-by-step guide on everything from finding a truck to getting permits. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Taco Bliss

Truckster helped me transition from a permanent location to a mobile food truck business. Everything from how to redo my menu to how to put together a catering quote. They helped take my business to the next level!

Zelda’s Kitchen

Truckster is an essential resource for anyone who wants to start a food truck business. They helped me navigate all the hurdles with starting a food truck, figuring out how to get the right licenses in place, and what kind of events to take to get my truck off the ground.

Caribbean Queen

I’m so glad I found Truckster, they really helped me accelerate my business. The Truckster Team helped me through the challenges of food truck life and how to be successful. They were always there to answer my questions and offer advice.

Repicci’s Italian Ice & Gelato

Real food truck owner’s stories

My favorite part of running a food truck is…

Maureen, Denver

“…without question, our favorite part is the connection with our customers…We are so lucky to be a part of incredible moments in people’s lives - celebrating weddings, appreciating employees, ringing in anniversaries.”

Marchella, Kansas City

“…the people who come to try my food. I love the feedback and the joy I make.”

Jim, Colorado Springs

“…talking with my Guests and Employees. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Pat, Portland

“…everyone loves the ice cream “man” - but the best part is seeing grown professionals turn into little kids when they get to choose their ice cream flavor!”

Rommel, Portland

“…being able to promote Filipino cuisine and culture!”

Jennifer, Miami

“…I love bringing smiles to my customers faces and creating an experience for families to enjoy together!”

Mike, College Station

“…the people, our customers are amazing and that’s definitely our favorite part.”

Rachel, Denver

“…meeting new people, seeing different venues, and creating new menu items to wow people.”

Jonathan, Denver

“…all the people you meet from going from location to location. That is something not really possible with a brick and mortar location!”

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in our guide and handbook

Find all these answers and more in our course.

What is the #1 thing food truck fans ask for?
How much does it cost to start a food truck?
How much do food truck owners make in a year?
What are the top 3 rewards of running a food truck?
Where to buy food trucks?
What are the top requested cuisine styles for private catering? For large festivals?
How do food trucks charge clients for different types of events?
What are the top 3 challenges of running a food truck?
What licenses are needed to start a food truck?
What are the pros and cons of a truck, trailer, van, or a cart?
What is the average $ made at private catering events?

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