Take Control with Truckster Vendor

Truckster is a food truck network built with a consumer app, mobile and desktop website, and a vendor app. We understand how busy you are, so we’ve built a seamless, easy to use platform for you. With thousands of food truck fans already on board, Truckster Vendor gives you the ability to directly address your exact target market.

With the Truckster Vendor app you can


How Truckster Vendor benefits you as a food truck owner

Connect with consumers
Truckster is a platform for you to connect with consumers. Make sure they remember your truck and can find you again. Consumers can favorite trucks so they can track you at any time.
Show up on Truckster’s map
By syncing your calendar events, you will show up on Truckster’s interactive map, allowing consumers to see when you’re nearby and increasing your foot traffic.
Offer mobile ordering
Grow revenue through mobile ordering, to capture the consumer on the go. With Truckster Vendor, you are able to turn on and off this option, depending on your event that day.
Get more catering leads
Advertising for catering is expensive and difficult to do as a single truck. Truckster advertises for you and brings you qualified catering leads, with much of the upfront logistics already handled.
Outsourced marketing service
As a food truck owner, you hardly have time to answer emails, let alone market yourself. Truckster is your marketing platform that helps you reach your exact target market and only requires minutes each month to keep updated.
Promote food truck events
Fans are in search of upcoming activities and things to do. Help spread the word for your upcoming food truck events and festivals by adding them to Truckster and being a featured event on the app and website.

Take control of your food truck’s profile

Your truck may already have a profile built on Truckster. Our goal was to launch a consumer ready product, so we would be as useful as possible right from the start. If your profile is out there, we’ve already put you in front of thousands of consumers.

Now, it’s time to get you more involved! Take control of your profile and link up your calendar so your events show up on the map. Don’t see your truck? Contact us or download Truckster Vendor to build your truck profile.

Download Truckster Vendor to get started
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